Registrare intervista autobiografia

Nail Kesova (Nail Dede)

He completed his higher education at Istanbul Universities. He served as a senior manager in Turkish and international companies and in Saudi Arabia. He is familiar with English, Italian, Arabic, Persian, French and German. He became a whirling dervish in his youth and later became the chief whirling dervish. He learned Sema from Postnishin Ahmet Bican Kasaboğlu. In 1994, Hz. Mevlana's 21st generation grandson became Postnishin with the permission of Dr.h.c.Celalettin Çelebi. His mother was a well-known Hafiz/Mevlithan. His father was also a devout person. Nail Kesova wrote poetry, is a composer, and marbling artist. He was inspired by famous ney players Niyazi Sayın, Necmeddin Okyay and Mustafa Düzgünman in Ebru. He has around fifty Sufi compositions. He received awards in marbling and composition competitions. The premiere of the Mevlevi Rite in the Rast maqam was performed at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall in Germany on October 23, 2007. He has produced many CDs, cassettes and mystical films. He participated in Sema ceremonies in America and Canada. He is in all countries in Europe with the Galata Mevlevi Music and Sema Community, of which he is the president. He has performed Sema Performances, Sufi Music concerts, symposiums and workshops in India, Pakistan and Azerbaijan. He performed a Sema Ceremony in the movie "MOMO, Flowers of the Qur'an" by the famous French director François Dupeyron, starring the famous actor Ömer Şerif. He has performed documentary whirling ceremonies for National Geographic and Sony. It was through the joint efforts of the Ministry of Culture and the International Mevlana Foundation that Mevlevi Music and Sema were registered as World Cultural Heritage. He is currently the founder, scientific and Board member of the foundation. (